Pseudo Messiahs

pseudo messiahs

Who is a messiah? What is a Pseudo Messiah? Go by the meanings and you will get it. It’s in human nature to expect miracles. To expect some legendary, mythical, Messiah coming down from the skies to save us. Deliver us peace, and freedom. Serve us eternal happiness. The time is ripe for the world to open its eyes and say thank you to these Fake Gurus and deal with their own problems.

To kill a snake in your house you can’t let your house to a snake charmer. Get a stick instead and deal with it.

Yes! you get it right. In this post, we discuss the Pseudo Messiahs of the world and how they all look like same. Backstabbing, selfish, capitalists, expansionists, only profit caring institutions. The Pseudo Messiahs featuring The United States of America and The People’s Republic of China.

[The USA, when we say this, automatically refers to its allies, partners in crimes, France, UK, Germany, and others.]

China is the New Age America. China walks the same passage the US used to. You weigh in both in a weighing machine and the balance cursor remains centered. Meaning, unjustifiably equal. How? Let’s find out…

Debt trap vs Security trap

By the People or Buy the people.

as they say

The traits of a pseudo messiah

The US used the first method “By the People” to lure the people of a respective country stating the govt is authoritarian and they deserve freedom and democracy and with people’s support, they gain control.

While, China masters the other one, ‘Buy the People”. Search vulnerable economies or struggling democracies, buy the leadership and Gain control of the country.

That easy huh? How?

The weaker countries fall into two types of traps. The first is the financial trap which China has a mastery to exploit. In the name of development, financial independence, and better opportunities, luring the nations to dream that they will be the center of world trade and be as rich as China itself.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan, actually, went on to act as if they are the next super-economies and we all know how Hambantota and Gwadar do. Zambia defaulted in 2020.

The 2nd is the Security trap which US has programmed in the name of ‘war on terror’ and ‘Establishing democracy’ and ‘freedom’. They clinically convince us there is a threat and then exploit these nations according to their needs. Till the time poor nations become just an extension of the Mighty Powers. We all know about Afghanistan and Ukraine crisis. Taiwan is at the brink of it.

US has earned more than USD 50 Billions from the recent defence deals. That’s the mantra you see. Create a panic. The nations spend on to address the issues. Afterall, Precaution is better than cure.

Countries severely affected by China:

Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Djibouti, Laos, Zambia, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Congo, Angola, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tajikistan, Venezuela, South Africa, Uganda, Niger, Egypt, Malaysia, Myanmar, Argentina, Ecuador, and Bangladesh (most recent entrant).

Countries severely affected by China
Countries severely affected by China
Countries affected by USA:

Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001) and Libya (2011), Ukraine (2022), Iraq, Iran, Africa, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and many others.

Countries affected by USA
Countries affected by USA

How would the Chinese or the US execute the debt trap or the Security trap?

The Chinese use BRI while the US uses NATO to counter Russia and personalized military bases in other parts of the world.

Who would refuse the provided ‘Shining Armour’ backed by Yuan or Dollar?

Maintaining Hegemony: The Hard Way

BRI vs NATO, Military assets vs State-owned assets

Since its commencement, BRI (mocked as- “sinister string of pearls”) inspired by the concept of the “Silk Road” of the Han Dynasty have 165 countries to work with and a whooping fund of $900  Billion.

china's debt trap diplomacy

There are now more than 40 low and middle-income countries, according to AidData, whose debt exposure to Chinese lenders is more than 10% of the size of their GDP.

Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Angola, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Djibouti, Laos, Zambia and Kyrgyzstan have debts to China more than 20% of their annual GDP. This is very serious.

Laos reportedly has debt of 88% of its GDP.

Worst part is: China left them with billions of dollars worth of unfinished projects which would require another set of crazy loans for completion. Whom will they go beg for? Yes, from the Chinese Messiah.

The Chinese State owns almost all the companies arising from the mainland. It has assets, through its companies, in as many as 123 countries, which includes, ports, hotels, businesses, land converted into some small-scale military outpost. This strengthens China’s “debt-trap” diplomacy.

Crazy stuff is China owns a huge chunk of assets in US, UK, EU nations, and other developed nations.

Comes crisis (ask – Lanka, Pak, Venezuela) and you find the Dragon hiding in the Himalayas.

The US uses NATO against Russia and have personalised military bases at almost every corner of the planet to play out its “Peacemaker” Gimmick.

Over the past 70 years, the US military has deployed over 800 bases to more than 210 countries and territories. US have clearly shaped the planet towards a Unipolar World. (refer to image: countries affected by US)

us nuclear base

NATO’s sights extend far beyond the “Euro-Atlantic” to the Global South. Seeking to gain a foothold in Asia, NATO welcomed Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand as summit participants for the first time and stated that “the Indo-Pacific is important for NATO.”

The QUAD is also mocked as an Indo-Pacific NATO.  

But where requires action it fails, ask Ukraine. Where is that shining armour promised?

What adds to the soft power? Gathering intel, funding the Separatists, exploiting and Hijacking Democracy.

The Unseen War ft Intel, Technology, Data

There are around 550 Confucius Institutes and 1,172 Confucius Classrooms in 162 countries. Almost every other nation alleges these institutes of foul play. The institutes are closing down as fast as they were set up.

China also dominates the tech market ranging from dirt cheap products to the Apple’s. The mobile companies of China are accused of feeding personal data to the communist party.

Talk about data and spying, the US stands out. It spies on its own citizens what relaxation could the other world expect. Search engines, to social media, to so called secure phones, name it, US has it all.

Fun fact, China has blocked all sorts of US regulated data collecting machines instantly but it took so long before US pulled down the curtains on Chinese data spies. Recently, US has blocked Huawei which could steal data in a 5g speed.

But sadly, there are countries like India which still shows no seriousness to the issue and has let the spies an un-regulated access to its market. They are the ones who understands the depth of the matter only after they get hit hard.

[Edit: recently some nations including India has started digging up Chinese tech firms and US entities.]

US just had one or now 2 points of concentration, (at least to the naked eyes), the Chinese has many, clearly visible. Again surprisingly, how the Chinese plans gets leaked frequently but not that of the US?

A thief knows the tactics of a thief.

Ukraine crisis a big lesson to Taiwan

Stop indulging as a PRO A or C nation. Go the Indian way of dealing stuff more diplomatically. Leader prevents war, not force throw the nation into it.

There is a fine line between Courage and Foolishness. Zelensky danced like a monkey hither tither. Now, the poor Ukrainians are, at the borders.

US should stop what it did in Ukraine and has just done in Taiwan. Don’t provoke. Stay out. Recognise Taiwan. Use your power for its Global recognition politically. Chinese ‘final warnings’ or ‘red lines’ is as same as my barking dog that shall seldom bites. 

You gotta differentiate between “Supporters” and “Mere Talkers”. Ukraine fell for the mere Talkers assuming its back guarded. So is Taiwan.

Lankan Crisis a tight slap to Pakistan and Co

Corruption. Foolishness. Dynasty. Hijacked Democracy. The ingredients to attract pseudo messiahs. Pakistan attracts both. They don’t have India by their side to save it like the Lankans had.  In the desire of ‘Ummah ka Chumma’ Pak politicians will even sell its Nation. They sold their soul already. Man Up Pakis!

Note: Prayers and sympathy to Ukrainian and Lankan people. We at Satvik Sanatan stand with the people of Ukraine and Sri Lanka in these difficult times. This too shall pass.

The Sleeper hold Strategy

Put your hand around the neck of your enemy and apply pressure, it will eventually choke out. China is same to India as what is US to Russia.

China is cornering India through BRI Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, and around the border LAC. It has already illegally captured parts of Indian borders. It firmly, like a mad bully claim entire India as their territory. Ok, just the North-East region, and the states of Ladakh, Uttarakhand, and Himalayan region, or am I missing some names here.

China uses its Yuan to corner India. They are literally buying Indian neighbouring countries. China begins as an economic partner of a small, financial weak country whose leaders are corrupt and then gradually enlarges its footprint in that nation to become it’s All in all master.

Unlike China, US uses NATO to corner Russia. NATO first included Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (Baltics), Poland, and then, Ukraine, Finland, Sweeden all wanted to join NATO. Russia unlike India doesn’t tolerate and talk much and after a few initial warnings and hints went on to attack Ukraine.

US and its monkey brothers together launched a huge Sanction War but that didn’t work out well. Russian economy after a few initial hiccups is flourishing and how. Instead, the EU Nations and US are on the verge of a grave recession. The US lost the charm in the eyes of the people worldwide, mainly, Americans. This shook the US hegemony.

China, on the other hand, received a bad beating in Doklam. The covid added up. The real-estate crisis is crazy. The bad loans they are making are spreading like bush fire and the Chinese aren’t liking it much. The communist party PRC is losing the trust of its people. This also instilled a need of protest and a potential internal dispute is high on the cards. All of this shattered their ‘Hard Nut’ image worldwide.

Strategy backfires.

Status Quo

Can you feel the striking similarities just separated by the convenience of the respective approaches?

The ‘Copy Cat syndrome’ started from copying phones, basic technologies to advanced and now copying the geopolitical maneuvers.

Did it work? Hell Yes! Only if, the World was as active against China back then compared to now.

Is Chinese Communist Hegemony established?

A hegemony needs many factors for establishment but the communist China lacks the key ingredient, TRUST.

At least 47 BRI projects in 10 countries flagged claims of corruption scandals amounting to $42 Billion.

Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Zambia, and co have canceled BRI projects worth $ 31 Billion. Kenya terminated Beijing-owned Railway company.

Most recent incident where, Bangladesh has warned developing countries to think twice over taking more loans through China’s BRI as global inflation and slowing growth add to the strains on indebted and vulnerable emerging markets.

So, the answer is, Nope. Not yet. It never will. The World renounces Uni/Bi-Polar world. Multi-Polar world is the future.

What about the Mighty US Hegemony? Its on a free fall.

Declining US hegemony

Afghanistan exit had already raised many eyebrows. It had stained the Peacemaker image. The mask that was getting off late needed a big wind pressure to peel it off completely. The Ukraine war proved to do the onus.

Governments representing 6.7 billion people – 85 percent of the world’s population – have refused to follow sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies against Russia. The Decline in Fear.

The failed voting on U.N. General Assembly. Despite 142 nations voting in favor. The countries which either voted against the resolution, abstained, or were absent represent 59 percent of the world’s population. Showcases decline in US soft power.

Following this, the Biden administration’s call for Russia to be excluded from the G20 summit in Indonesia this was also ignored.

Japanese, Taiwanese, and other nations for the first time feels the need to keep, invest, develop indigenous military or defence. This hurts the key ingredient, Decline in trust.

Is the US or China not invited to the multi-polar world then? We need a trustworthy US. We need a more transparent China. Which is an easy ask?

The Shift of Chaos

pseudo messiah china and usa
Middle East done. Africa done. Asia done. Time for Europe- YES!

Europe has lost its glory. It has lost its peace. With a surge in refugee crisis as the year passes by and soon it’s going to Explode.

The increase in Islamic Terrorism is as serious. They come as refugees first, demand shelter, then demand rights, then a Jihad against the indigenous population, then demand for an Islamic Nation. Total chaos.  

There are 26 countries based on their faith and they won’t ask for shelter or move there and neither those 56 OIC countries accept them. Ideology or hypocrisy?

The only solution it seems is to ditch the Great American Ego that the US has successfully instilled in them. Don’t try to walk at par. Do a Slovakia. People first and politics of what suits us the best.

Also, Europe is not self-sufficient and it will always require help in resources. If not from natural ally Russia, then from whom?

What does the US do then?

Shift toward the basic American mantra, ‘mind your own business.’ Time for American diplomats to follow the suit, and… Pelosi first.

As the Europe chaos will go un-settled for a few many years with the respective nations getting irritated internally and dealing with the people that legitimately aren’t theirs. The scenario looks bad.

Next up is Indo Pacific.

We are never out of content, are we?

The tussle with the Bully

China thought it will go unnoticed as a Bully. It undisputedly had shifted its focus toward its expansionist goals. Unfortunately, covid got the world furiously staring at them. They began a Cold Bio-war.

The world stood against China. Thankfully not as late as they did with Russia. But this time we need to with the right approach.

Don’t let China’s monopoly survive like Russia’s. EU nations have no alternative to Russian gas and oil. For they have never worked for it. We now can’t do a thing about it, admit it, and move on.

But, don’t let China have that same extent of liberty. Or else, we will be repeating the same verse again- ‘move on’; thereby offering a Free-Run to the Dragon.  

Role of India

A war erupts in Europe and India’s role and ways it could contribute to being questioned is great, that’s called acceptance. As India as a force is being accepted worldwide but when such war erupts in Asia or Indo Pacific, India undisputedly becomes the marquee player. Shall it choose to indulge?

China will not stop. Taiwan and Tibet’s voice has begun to erupt. Voices have started to erupt from within too. History repeats. When rebel voices of Freedom erupt the Monkey Kings rage war.

Comes in the Mammoth to the equation. It got no chance against a Mad Dragon. But it won’t throw in the towel. We could see that in LAC, Doklam.

A big mammoth by the size, diversity, and internal issues, India needs to prepare it well and on all fronts. It is lagging far behind.

It can’t work out a bit without the help from its true friends. Right now, there is none. Or shall we say, none other than Russia? France and Israel are blossoming as all-weather friends but are not time-tested. Others are interested in personal vested interests. The market that India offers.

Time for a change….  

The Nations need to decide who stands with the mammoth now, to help it be flexible, turn it into a brute force. For it is fully trustworthy, assuring no harm to anyone in anyways.

A strong flexible Hulk of a Mammoth is the only counter to a Mad Dragon. Only this assures Stability in Indo Pacific.

What a mess we are in!

Silent China and USA guarantee world peace. The world needs no Pseudo Messiahs.

Time for a change

Change is the only constant in the universe. We change well before it forces it on us. We change before the Pseudo Messiahs pull us to extinction. We need, above all, an unsentimental view of the new world we must build together.

Stronger, Unbiased UN or no UN and or so with all other world organisations. Right now, they are mere puppet tools of the Pseudo Messiahs.

We change to put an end to those Messiahs. We change for good. We change for the next generation. We change for the sake of humanity. We change for the sake of staying relevant. We change before it’s too late. We Change for we have to.

The Change in the Order of the World Order

The big 5 have got their fair chance but they couldn’t build a better world all they built are their camps, colonies, and individual prospects. Time, we call for a change.

US, China, and others in the Big 5, alone create the mess and do the cleaning, with no accountability of whatsoever. But, India, or Iceland, or Japan or Uganda, or Nepal or Poland can’t. Time, they and the likes lead the world order, for they understand the dogma well, and could deal with it wisely.

UN permanent members, the veto, and everything that the few enjoyed needs to be stripped off and should be made subject to change in the interim between every participant Nation. The rules gotta be harsh. The Russias or US or China or France or whoever should be held accountable for their mess.

This assures no Big Powers could dare to put an eye on the weak, and tentatively exploitive nations. This would certainly stop the modern capitalism and the new-age conquest. This would assure a world body would function fair and square.

Now the finance part, who funds the New body? Well, the ones who exploited it for ages. The big 5, the 5 current permanent members. Later all nations according to their GDP may invest accordingly.

With the change of the systemic world order, the world we live in could at least be in peace. High Hopes. The Conquests and Expansions and illegal occupations will stop. High Hopes. Or one may argue, I am being too hypothetical here. ‘This can’t work,’ you might assert. Fine it won’t, ok, accepted. But just ask yourself, what good the same system has done anyway??

#WeChange #WeLive #NoToPseudoMessiahs

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