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Greetings from Satvik Sanatan.


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aware time to wake up

Divided by Secularism, Modernization, Ignorance, Westernization, Liberalisation,

United by Sanatan values.

Time to wake up!

awaken the chit

Join us in our Revolution

Get rid of your Old chit.

Awakening the Young Chit.


Primarily we do Blog Posts (as of now). Do read it and share with us your thoughts and opinions. Your involvement in any form be admiration or criticism will be heartily accepted.

Also, do share with us ideas on how we could improve or what topics you are interested in to get an Opinion out of us. Our opinions aren’t suitable for all, for sure.

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Sanatan Dharma

Talking about Opinions

The Right might deem us as the Left, or the Left might deem us as a far Right.

We are neither at the right nor left, but, ONLY at the CORE of the Subject.

That’s New Age Sanatan.

satya satvik sanatan

Have a Good Stay.

Wishing you all the Best things in your life.

Stay Safe.

Be Satya. Be Satvik. Be Sanatan.

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